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Let's get the Energy Moving for YOU!

Intro MAP Brain Rewire Coaching Session $96  1-hour intro to an innovative and highly proven mindset and empowerment method.  We will activate clear communication between your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind. This clears your system to prepare for neutralizing limiting beliefs and trauma. 

Full MAP 90-minute Coaching Session $144, 4 Session Package $532 (Save $44), 8 Session Package $1044 (Save $108) Intro Session required.

Transform with these 90-minute deeper dives.  Focus on a profound mindset shift. Make lasting change as we address the persistent mental and behavioral patterns not serving you. We will close by resetting positive, self-empowering, and encouraging beliefs in their place, resulting in a sense of ease and HOPE.

Create your dream life, loving relationships, goal-focused business, and energized state of health.

Energy InterPLAY Coaching Session $144 4 Session Package $532 (Save $44.) 8 Session Package $1044. (Save $108)

90-minute customized, focused, goal-clarifying, and energizing session.  We will use guided meditation and the Energy InterPLAY method to construct the energetic pathway to connect, magnetize, and manifest your goals and desires.  Energy is the underlying framework of everything, both visible and invisible.  You will learn how to engage your energy to influence your energetic field for more direct, positive, and fruitful outcomes in relationships, business, and health.

Energy Healing Session $96. 4 Session Package $364 (Save $20)  8 Session Package $728 (Save $40)

One hour of relaxation, nurture, and healing.  Almost 30 years as a Energy Healer has provided irrefutable proof that it is highly effective in helping you return to your optimal natural state, where all healing begins.  Healing energy is not bound by location and is equally effective in office and long-distance- even in the operating room! 

Add 20-minute Energy Healing Session to wrap any session in an “energetic cocoon” $40



Gift Certificates

Guest and Keynote Speaker for your business, philanthropic, or community group

The Energy InterPLAYtm Method Energy Healing in Therapy & Health Care One-day Certification Class for Therapists, Medical Professionals, and Coaches

Experience Energy through Art PLAYshops

Energy in Business Workshops and Coaching for your group or board of directors

Create Powerful Positive Outcomes by learning "implement now" tools and how Energy InterPLAYtm affects everything.

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