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Energy InterPLAY and the power of FOCUS

The Energy InterPLAY vision is to create “energy literacy” with an understanding of how we can guide and influence our life, work, relationships, and health in a positive way when we engage on an energetic level. The result is easier smiles, less stress and more satisfaction with life.

It’s 100% natural and we're “doing” energy all the time...

We have a conversation - we feel, react and speak in a certain way... we get an email and have a response to that... we remember past events in our lives and have feelings, thoughts - maybe even regrets, around that. We look forward to events in our lives - either with dread or anticipation. In every case our energy is engaged and we are constantly playing in that energetic field with our focus skipping from event to event like a rock across a pond.

Clear the Mechanism…

I love this moment from “The Love of the Game” and ok- Kevin Costner’s not so bad either ;) - and hey, YouTube is distracting- come back after you watch :)!

Just by using our incredible power of focus, we are choosing what our energy is interacting with; what we are InterPLAYing with. Something as simple as what we choose to look at guides and pulls our energy in a specific direction. Wherever our attention goes, our energy flows and as we attend to different things, people, situations; we are constantly interacting energetically with them.

The Great News? We are much more in the driver's seat than we may have previously imagined. We are constantly influencing that energetic interaction and its outcome.

If we take a look at our lives with gentle consideration of the “state” of things...we can gain some very useful clues as to how we are energetically interacting, and where we are focusing our energy or choosing not to. (When I'm driving and see that there is roadkill coming up ahead....”aghaaa”... I intentionally look away because I don't want to interact with that!)

Let's have some fun with this idea...

Focus on an event that's coming up that maybe you're a little bit worried about or gives you a little bit of a twinge...

Now let's imagine that you're setting up this beautiful figure eight pattern (see my logo) of infinity between you and that event - and you are generating that flow.

Imagine that you create this vibrant current that flows up and out of your body and then gently dips down. Connect on the furthest curve of the infinity symbol with the object of your attention, then allow the energy to flow back, crossing at the center. You can send an intention of calm, positive outcome. -maybe even surprises... unexpected good outcomes - whatever you want… it’s your field!

That energetic pathway can influence your experience in the future. (We can even do this for events that are in the past - but I’ll save that for another post.)

I’ve coached new real estate brokers to envision positive outcomes when meeting resistance in the sales cycle; seeing people smiling and nodding...signing papers...holding the keys to their new homes in their hand, etc It’s as if we have the power to construct an energetic bridge for life’s events to travel across.

You may begin to guide your life’s experiences by noticing the energy first, then using your power of attention and intention to level-up your interactions. You may also notice a sense of release and of being more in the flow of life.

See what happens as you play with this technique. Notice that you can direct your energy field. It's a great “superpower.” :) I’d love to hear what happens. Please comment below.

The energy's the thing!

Alice Brink

Self-Empowerment Coach and Energy Trainer

Connect with me at to learn more about coaching services and applying Energy InterPLAY to your life.

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