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Alice Marie Brink, BSEd, MCLC
Leadership Coach and Energy Trainer

Founder of the Energy InterPLAYtm Method

If you are overwhelmed by life’s demands, are at a crossroads, are stuck in your business or relationships, and seek more connectedness, joy, satisfaction, and results,- my coaching and workshops give you practical tools to strengthen, clarify, calm, energize, feel hope, and self-direction...and have fun!​​

Your life. Your energy. Your choice....
Learn the elegant efficiency of directing your energy.

What is
Energy InterPLAYtm Method?

No matter how many mindfulness modalities and energy techniques you acquire- if you don’t learn how to guide the INTERPLAY of that energy in every area of life- you may still feel at a loss in maintaining CALM, ENERGY, and ACHIEVING satisfying results in relationships, business, health, and life!


Life and Leadership Coaching, Mindset and Limiting Belief Rewiring, Energy Healing and Certification Training, Labyrinth Meditative work, Energy in Art Workshops... dovetail seamlessly into the idea of the vibrant "offer and receive" flow of energy; the infinity pattern beautifully depicts that ebb and flow.

YOU are wired to direct your energy.  We work together to activate it.

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  • Everyone has access to the Energy.

  • Engaging with our energy body is natural and practical.

  • Energy InterPLAYtm is our intentional, energetic relationship with all of life.

Coaching Methods...

We will engage leadership, life, and energy coaching methods, including the Mind-Set rewiring (MAP Protocol) and Co-Active Coaching with Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and many other energy healing modalities to customize a process that helps you become your OWN BEST COACH. Because, after all… you are.​

In support of your journey, 



My Story


At 17, I had an experience that proved to me that...  it's all ENERGY!​

The discovery of my energetic body was exhilarating and life-saving and set me on a path to learn more.​

Graduate-level certified in Leadership Coaching and Certified and practicing Energy Healing and Mindset Rewiring through various methods, I coach you and/or your team to clear and energize your life, business, health, and relationships.​



I’m grateful for Alice’s expertise as a coach because she helped me release an inner conflict which started in junior high and has remained with me throughout my life. Because her approach was so gentle and comforting, I felt at ease sharing the experiences that caused a major block in my life.  I’m elated to say that I noticed a difference when I was triggered the next day and now no longer feel any emotional pain around that issue.

Pam S.  Missouri, USA

Alice is a gifted practitioner. I had a very long-standing poor image of myself that deeply affected my self-esteem, and in turn reflected deeply into my business. It’s incredible how she was able to zero in with laser focus on the issue, connecting the dots to my childhood and shifting me out of it all. By the end of the session, she was able to help me release this negative and heavy feeling I have been carrying for almost a lifetime. I feel so happy and free now.

Jenn F.  Ontario, Canada

I was fortunate to have been given the gift of a Reiki session with Alice.
It was a wonderful experience and in the relaxed atmosphere provided, I felt not only a physical sensation of energy movement but also an unmistakable sense of caring that came from Alice herself.  The visit was much like visiting a good friend.  Definitely highly recommended and one of the nicest gifts I've been lucky enough to receive.

Jack B.  Missouri, USA

Join us ...and get 20% off your 1st Session!

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Join us ...and get 20% off your 1st Session!

Click here to connect, receive free goodies like meditations and mini-energy training, and be the first to know of special offers and events!

Thanks for subscribing!

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