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Put your life into FLOW...

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Energy InterPLAY

Welcome to Energy InterPLAY and getting your life into FLOW...

What is
Energy InterPLAY?

Putting it all together...

You’ll notice the infinity symbol in the Energy InterPlay logo. No
accident there…..
Through 25+ years working in the Energy world, I realized that the
INTERPLAY is the thing!

The nature of energy is to move and interact, so no matter how
many mindfulness modalities and energy techniques we acquire- if
we don’t learn how to guide the INTERPLAY of that energy in every area of life- we may find ourselves still feeling at a loss in maintaining CALM, ENERGY and ACHIEVING satisfying results.

Using the power of the energy flow in the infinity pattern has been
extremely effective in reducing stress and anxiety; making room to bring in fresh energy and releasing that old
stale stuff that no longer serves!

You will learn to apply this method and many more- when and however you like.

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Coaching Methods...

I integrate solid leadership and life coaching methods like Connection Practice, the MAP Protocol and Co-Active Coaching, with Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and many other energy healing modalities to customize a process that helps you become your OWN BEST COACH.

Because after all… you are.

  • Private and Group Coaching Sessions

  • Energy Coaching and MAP Method

  • Relax, Relieve Anxiety. Feel Joy


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I’m grateful for Alice’s expertise as a coach because she helped me release an inner conflict which started in junior high and has remained with me throughout my life. Because her approach was so gentle and comforting, I felt at ease sharing the experiences that caused a major block in my life.  I’m elated to say that I noticed a difference when I was triggered the next day and now no longer feel any emotional pain around that issue.

Pam S.  Missouri, USA


Let's get things moving!


Stay Tuned.... New course coming soon!

Highly Effective, Easy to Learn Tools for Stronger Connections, Less Stress & More Joy!

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Energy InterPLAY Session

Getting into the flow of life!

Sporty man on the mountain peak looking

MAP Intro Coaching Session

Trains you and your Super(Sub) Conscious to effectively use MAP

Clear Water Lake

Reiki Energy Healing Session

Enjoy 90 minutes just for you to relax and release...

Cave Explorer

2 Hour Energy InterPLAY Session

An extended session to laser focus and wholistically treat...

Enjoying the Nature

Full 90 Minute MAP Coaching Session

Enjoy the full benefits of the MAP Method

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Alice is a gifted practitioner. I had a very long-standing poor image of myself that deeply affected my self-esteem, and in turn reflected deeply into my business. It’s incredible how she was able to zero in with laser focus on the issue, connecting the dots to my childhood and shifting me out of it all. By the end of the session, she was able to help me release this negative and heavy feeling I have been carrying for almost a lifetime. I feel so happy and free now.

Jenn F.  Ontario, Canada

I was fortunate to have been given the gift of a Reiki session with Alice.
It was a wonderful experience and in the relaxed atmosphere provided, I felt not only a physical sensation of energy movement but also an unmistakable sense of caring that came from Alice herself.  The visit was much like visiting a good friend.  Definitely highly recommended and one of the nicest gifts I've been lucky enough to receive.

Jack B.  Missouri, USA